• Things got messy today Im making moulds Its not myhellip
    Things got messy today. I'm making moulds. It's not my area of expertise. Also yes...crocs bought on our honeymoon in Dubai 2006. Some things are no longer cool (juries out) but last a really long time and are practical...therefore one of my better investments.
  • Its 30 degrees today Perfect for a test trail withhellip
    It's 30+ degrees today. Perfect for a test trail with my new kiln. Farking hot in here.
  • Ee e e e eh
    Ee e e e eh
  • What bull
    What bull
  • Inside Hot House in the Slaughter House Not quite thehellip
    Inside 'Hot House in the Slaughter House'. Not quite the whole experience without the aroma of dead sheep and the floral fragrance. Sorry Danny, your next processed beast on that bench might come out smelling of 'parakeet & peach' essential oil.